Love’s Game: Lies, Lust and Betrayal


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Love’s Game: Lies, Lust, and Betrayal is a fictional romance novel about Jaie (pronounced Jay) Sullivan.  Sullivan is a successful attorney with everything going for him.  He’s made all the right choices and is unstoppable in the boardroom, courtroom, and bedroom.  Sullivan is handsome, powerful, and charismatic.  But when it comes to romance, he hasn’t been too successful.  When he finally ends his romantic relationship with a determined, power-hungry fiancé Kyla Love, he feels like he is finally in control of his life. Things begin to look up, or so he thinks…..When a beautiful new woman named Amor De La Cruz, walks into his life, his world changes forever.  The mysterious, young beauty needs to retain his services and opens his heart to a world that he never imagined.  But what happens between the two can only be described as espionage, lust, and betrayal.  Sullivan is faced with difficult choices and must escape dangers that were lurking in the shadows.  Determined to win, he faces life-threatening consequences and he must take matters into his own hands.  Sullivan plays to win and is now faced with the most dangerous game of his life…Love’s Game.


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